Throughout its 46 year old history, Birralee has gained a special place in Trondheim as a stable, good quality school, offering excellent education in English. Our journey started back in 1973 when Margot Tønseth recognised the need for an English speaking school in Trondheim.


1973 – School starts with 13 students at Lilleby.

1975 – School moves to Kalvskinnet (current location).

2004 – A change in legislation makes it possible to reduce the school fees drastically. Making the school more accessible for everyone.

2006 - Start Birralee Middle School.

2008 – The Middle School is approved as a University of Cambridge Exam Centre.  

2008 – Best school in Norway’s National Tests!

2010 – Students and staff move to a temporary location at Brøseth due to a planned renovation of the School Building.

2011 – Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School move back to a completely renovated School Building at Kalvskinnet.

2019 – School Playground completely renovated  

2020 – A vibrant international learning community of 270 students! 

Birralee International School Trondheim 

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