Parents' Association

All parents in the school together form the Parents’ Association. The Parents’ Association will meet at least once a year. Important issues for the Parents’ Association will, amongst others, be:

  • establish a good co-operative relationship between school and home

  • help encourage pupil well-being and positive development

  • establish contact between the school and the local community


The Parents’ Association will elect members to The Parents’ Committee. This Committee consists of two class representatives per class in the school. The Parents’ Association will also elect a parent to meet on the School Board as an observer/representative to express the parents’ views. Any parent in the school can be appointed to hold this position. The School Board Observer/Representative will take part in the meeting of the Parents' Committee to provide the necessary link between the different parties within the school.

The Parents' Committee 

The Parents’ Committee shall promote the parents’ shared interests and help to ensure that students and parents take an active part in working to create a satisfactory school environment. The Parents’ Committee shall work to promote an atmosphere of solidarity between home and school, lay a basis for well-being and positive development for the students and foster contact between the school and the community (Friskolelova §5-4).

The Parents’ Committee will be kept continuously informed of all circumstances – including events, plans and decisions – of major significance for the school environment. The Parents’ Committee has on request the right of access to documentation of the systematic health, environment and safety work at the school.

The Parents’ Committee will at as an early stage as possible, be included in the planning and performance of environmental measures at Birralee, and have the right to state their views and submit proposals concerning all matters of significance for the school environment. The Parents’ Committee will also elect two members for the School Environment Group.

The school Principal and/or the Vice-Principal will be present at the meetings in the Parents’ Committee to ensure good contact between the parents and the administration of the school.

During previous years the Parents’ Committee has been responsible for a variety of events and activities like the Christmas Fair, Christmas Play refreshments, Family Ski Day, International Dinner, Jumble Sale, Teacher Appreciation Lunch, School Jumper Sales, Christmas Ball, Valentine’s Party, Halloween Party, Spring Fair  and Summer Picnic.


PC Chair: Mr. Sten Mosand
PC Vice Chair: Mrs Roos Spanjers

PC Board Representative: Mrs. Ragnhild Lervik

PC Treasurer: Open

PC Secretary: Mrs. Barbara van Loon


Class Representatives:

Mrs. Samar Albarghouthi (Y1A)

Mrs. Katherine Bjugan (Y1B)

Mrs. Fikria Karinanur (Y2A)

Mrs. Barbara van Loon (Y2B)

Mrs. Chaithra Nanjundegowda (Y3A)

Mrs. Rachel (Roos) Spanjers (Y3B)

Mr. Sandeep Choudhary (Y4)

Mrs. Suzanne Brattheim (Y4)

Mrs. Jessica Sun (Y5)

Mrs. Jiehong Kong (Y5)

Mrs. Marit Bjørnevik (Y6)

Mr. John Lysfjord (Y6)

Mr. Krishna Vulchi (Y7)

Mr. Torgrim Tandstad (Y7)

Mrs. Meryem Ugurlu-Berisha (Y8)

Mrs. Ragnhild Lervik (Y8)

Mrs. Amanda Fayant (Y9)

Mr. Cletus Pasanha (9)

Mrs. Rosalia Redondo (Y10)

Mrs. Iram Iqbal (Y10)

PC Members 2020/21

Birralee International School Trondheim 

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