All teaching transferred to the digital arena

From 12.03.2020 until at least 26.03.2020, all teaching and learning in Norway's kindergartens, schools, universities and colleges will be transferred to the digital arena.

Please note that students have the legal right and obligation to receive an education even though the school building is physically inaccessible. Teaching and learning will therefore take place through our digital learning platforms: Seesaw, Google Classroom, Google Meet and email.

Plans will be updated daily on these platforms and the students will be able to communicate with their teachers for instruction, guidance and help. The school day starts every day at 08:30 and ends at 14:30/15:00.

Teaching may vary somewhat from year to year to fit the appropriate age group, but a common approach will be taken.

If a student is ill or for other reasons unable to work, parents will need to send an email to by 08:30 in the morning.

The Norwegian Government mentioned earlier today that the statutory right for parents to stay home to care for (young) children will also be extended ("egenmelding barn") due to this new development. Additionally, we will also send out another email related to the school building being open for children whose both parents are working in sectors with a vital function in society. These children, although supervised on school grounds, will follow the same educational programme as their classmates at home. This provision will start from Monday 16th March 2020.

Support is also available for children who cannot be fully cared for at home. Please contact us if you believe that your personal circumstances mean that you require your children to be supervised at school.

We will be sending out our Digital Home Learning Plan on Friday, 13.03.2020. Please note that this document should provide a framework for the tuition which is provided by the school. However, we will be asking you for your feedback to make any improvements which will enhance our provision.

The formal start to our digital home learning plan will be Monday 16th March 2020 at 08:30 when students will be registered in the same way that they would be if they were physically present in school.

It is very important that teachers, parents and students only use established methods of communication, namely through Seesaw, Google Classroom, School Email and through Google Calendar including using Google Meet. No other systems should be used unless directed by the Administration.

More information and teaching and learning will follow from the class and subject teachers on Monday.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!

Best wishes, Elin J. Hitchman Principal

Best wishes,


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