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Covid-19 Update (Week 4)

Getting ready for some challenging weeks

Norway is currently preparing for high numbers of infections in society. The Local Health Authorities met with all schools in Trondheim twice this week. It was stipulated in these meetings that “the wave is coming and it cannot be stopped”. The Health Authorities also emphasised in these meetings that the risk of serious illness for children and vaccinated adults is very low.

This week, we have also seen numbers at Birralee increase significantly. From one or two cases per day at the beginning of the week, to eleven positive cases being reported on Friday morning.

We are preparing for a situation with many infections in school, both for students and staff. This might give us some operating challenges (due to staff being home with Covid-19), but we will do the best we can to ensure that the impact on our student’s school life is as small as possible.

The weeks ahead will be challenging, but we will get through this together.

New testing regime coming soon

As the number of children testing positive is rapidly increasing, it is becoming almost impossible for schools to follow up each individual case. With this in mind, the Health Authorities are planning to change to mass testing (once or twice a week) for all students and staff. Students and staff who already have had Covid-19 during the last 3 months, do not need to be tested. The mass testing will be voluntarily. We will inform you when mass testing will start.

The Traffic Light System for Schools

The traffic light system for schools was designed in a period when there was little infection in society and the vaccination programme had not yet started. Schools in Trondheim are currently operating on Amber level which has had quite a significant impact on the students everyday life.

Amber level does little to stop the spread of infections when infection numbers in society are so high. The Kommune has therefore decided to return to level green on Monday, 31st January.

Prior to returning to Green Level, schools can already remove the separation banners on their playgrounds as these are considered a heavy measure with little effect during times when the infection numbers are so high.

What this means for our Birralee families

Over the next two to three weeks the Health Authorities are expecting significant rises in numbers and this will affect our community. We currently have a number of members of staff who are not in school and this is likely to increase. As such it will be more difficult to facilitate for things such as school trips. Additionally, since we will not be operating at full capacity, supplying work online for those students who are at home in quarantine will not always be possible; it will be different from class to class.

We will continue to keep you updated of any changes that will have an impact on our Birralee families.

Update: Information about when to stay home

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