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Exit Point Year 2: Chocolate

Wouldn’t it be amazing if chocolate grew on trees? Well, it does! Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could make some chocolate ourselves? Well, we did! And we discovered even more amazing things about chocolate…

Year 2 proudly finished their Chocolate Unit today!

Year 2's cacoa tree

Unfortunately, Year 2's planned visit to the Trondheim Sjokolade Chocolate Factory couldn’t take place this year, but the owner had a wonderful surprise for them in store today nonetheless!

When magnified 5000 times, it doesn’t even look like chocolate anymore!

What we learned

In Geography, we found out:

  • Where cacao trees are found

  • About the factors affecting the growth of cacao trees

  • About other cash crops

In History, we found out:

  • Who first discovered chocolate

  • Who took the first chocolate to Europe

  • About the importance of cocoa beans for trade

In Science, we found out:

  • About the ingredients in chocolate

  • If chocolate causes tooth decay

  • Why chocolate wrappers are made from special materials

  • What the melting point of chocolate is

In Technology, we found out:

  • How to make our own chocolate

  • What we can add to chocolate

In Art, we found out:

  • How to design a wrapper for our chocolate bar

In International, we found out:

  • What fair trade chocolate is

  • What other fair trade products there are

  • How important chocolate is

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