New: ASP Holiday - Supplementary places

During yesterday's Board Meeting, it was decided to make an update to ASP's Terms and Conditions by including the following section:

5.3. ASP Holiday Club – supplementary places

The school has the possibility to sell the remaining available places for ASP Holiday Club to children who are normally not signed up for ASP. The school will decide on the number of places available prior to each holiday as well as on the fee.

This will give an opportunity to families - who are normally not signed up for ASP - to have care and supervision in a familiar environment during some school holidays.

The number of places that will be available for this will vary for each school holiday. It will be based on the available staffing, the planned activities for that week and how many regular ASP children are already signed up.

Selling these supplementary places (restplasser) will generate additional ASP revenue which will benefit the children who are signed up for regular ASP as it will help to maintain the quality of the offer as well as to keep the standard ASP fees down.

School Leadership will set the price and communicate the number of places available to all parents in Year 1 – Year 4 prior to each holiday. Places will be allocated on a first come, first serve basis after the sign-up form has been sent out.


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