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The Importance of Breakfast

Recent research has found a significant positive association between breakfast intake and school achievement among Norwegian Year 9 students. The research showed that being hungry at school explained for a third of the decrease in science achievement and more than half of the decrease in mathematics achievement from 2015 to 2019. (Vik, 2022)

A healthy diet, including regular intake of main meals such as breakfast are fundamental to health and well-being (Affinita et al., 2013). Integrating a healthy diet as part of a healthy lifestyle provide optimal circumstances for brain development and learning (Naveed et al., 2020). Further, intake of breakfast have been shown to be associated with cognitive abilities like memory (Galioto & Spitznagel, 2016).

A Norwegian study from 2015 showed that 8% of the Year 4 students in Norway do not eat breakfast before coming to school. In Year 8, 19% of the students skip breakfast before coming to school(Hansen et al., 2015).

To emphasise the importance of breakfast, Birralee's MOT ambassadors organised a breakfast for students in Year 8, 9 and 10 this morning.

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