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Year 4 practised cycling at the Eberg traffic station.

Year 4 practised their cycling skills and knowledge at the Eberg traffic station yesterday.

The station is designed as a real miniature traffic system, with normal road junctions, traffic lights, roundabouts, cycle lanes and road markings that you would encounter in real traffic.

The purpose is for children to practice as a cyclist in realistic traffic situations in safe surroundings. In addition to the road network, there is also a practice area for training technical cycling skills.

Year 4 will take another trip up to Eberg in the spring as a follow up. The children will then also take the safety test.

In the meantime, the children should be encouraged to ride their bikes and to get some extra practice in before the snow arrives.

Practicing: who has got the right of way?

Theory: what do the different traffic signs mean?

Theory: what do the different traffic signs mean?

Training technical skills

Signaling a turn

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