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Why is it a waste of time to advertise an object to find out how much they will give for it? Let me answer this simple question

The fact is that to get an answer to another question - “Can they give as much for my object as I want?” - within seven weeks. During this time, you will either receive a serious offer from the buyer, or you will not receive a single call and display. If the market has not risen in price enough for your object to be interesting in two months, then you can remove it from advertising. But by doing this, you will only know the answer to the question “Can they give me as much as I want for my object?”

How to find out how much buyers are willing to pay for such objects? To do this, you need to find a buyer and talk to him. Did you have a chance to talk to serious buyers if there were no calls on the object? Do you have other similar properties to receive calls from their ads? No. It turns out that when you have one object and you set the price above demand, it is difficult to get an answer.

Why do agents who sell property all the time know what price buyers are willing to pay for a property similar to yours? Because they manage to communicate with the buyer at the show (if, of course, the agent knows how to do this).

What do I do when I sell an object? I ask the buyer what other objects he is looking at, what he has already missed, why he has not yet been able to find what he wants to buy. The buyer answers me willingly, because he hopes that I can offer him some other options. It is easy for an agent to “rock” a buyer into a conversation. Is there a chance for such a conversation with the owner? Of course not. The buyer knows that you are the owner, and you only have this object, and there are no others. Therefore, there is no point in answering your questions.



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