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Centrally Located

Birralee is located in the heart of Trondheim, close to the medieval Nidaros Cathedral, NTNU and St Olav's hospital.

We take full advantage of all the opportunities Trondheim has to offer: museums, libraries, nearby parks, recreation areas, running tracks, climbing walls and swimming pools. In addition to this, the great Norwegian outdoors is only a ten minute bus ride away from school.

Getting here

Many of our students use public transportation to get to school. It is common in Norway for students as young as Year 1 or 2 to take the bus by themselves, depending on their level of maturity. 

During the summer months many of our older students cycle to school, taking advantage of all the new cycling lanes recently constructed by the City of Trondheim.

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Free Transportation

According to Norwegian Law (Act of Private Schools § 7-3), students in Year 2 (2.trinn) and up (barne-og ungdomsskole) are entitled to transportation to and from school if they live more than 4 km away from school. For children in Year 1 (1. trinn) the required distance is 2 km.

Parents can apply for other means of transportation if they are of the opinion that this student bus card is not sufficient in their situation. This request in the form of a letter can be sent to the school. We will then forward it to Sør Trøndelag Fylkeskommune who will make the decision.

Parents can also apply for free transportation if they are of the opinion that the road to school is too dangerous or difficult for their child to walk. This request in the form of a letter can be sent to the school. We will then forward it to Trondheim Kommune who will decide if the circumstances justify free transportation for the student. Please note that this request is only granted by Trondheim Kommune in very special cases as the roads around Birralee are considered safe and manageable by Trondheim Kommune.

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Contact Us

To request more information or to schedule a visit:

Please contact the School Office

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For all inquiries, please call our School Office between 8.30 - 15:30: 

+47 73 87 02 60

Bispegata 9c

7012 Trondheim 


Tel: +47 73 87 02 60


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