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Birralee works actively, systematically and continuously to ensure that the school environment at Birralee lives up to the meaning of the School name, which means “a safe place for children”.

We work hard to provide a safe school and to encourage children to take care of each other and to work together in positive and socially responsible ways.

The students take part in discussing their school environment and have the opportunity to voice concerns or make complaints. They also take an active part in finding solutions to problems and in making improvements. 

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After School Programme (ASP)

The Birralee After School Program (ASP) provides care, supervision and activities outside the regular school hours for children from Year 1 to Year 4 in a caring environment. ASP has its own base which is adapted to its needs. In addition, the playground, gym, music room and other rooms are used.

ASP is open from Monday to Friday from 07.30 to 16.30. ASP is open every school day and during most school holidays.

After School Clubs

In addition to our After School Programme (ASP) for Year 1 - Year 4, we offer a series of After School Clubs for all age groups.

The purpose of these After School Clubs is to provide social opportunities for our students by giving them an arena to meet after school and to thereby positively contribute to the school environment.

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