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Our Parents Community

At Birralee, our Parents' Community is an integrated part of who we are and there is a strong sense of community between our parents. Our Parents Committee organise many activities to make new parents feel welcome.


Examples of activities organised by the Parents Committy in the past are: Christmas Fair, Family Ski Day, International Dinner, Jumble Sale, Teacher Appreciation Lunch, School Jumper Sales, Christmas Ball, Valentine’s Party, Halloween Party, Spring Fair  and Summer Picnic.

Who are our Parents?

All our parents value education and are engaged in their child's schooling.

Our parents work in a variety of fields and organisations across the city. Many of our parents are connected to the research community in Trondheim.  

Cooperating with Parents

We believe that the relationship between home and school is critical in building a successful partnership. We have several tools in place to communicate with parents regularly:

  • Weekly Class Plan: Your primary source of information which includes up-to-date information on school activities, events, practical issues and more.

  • Parents’ Newsletters: Monthly newsletters from the Principal

  • School Reports: Academic Reports and Assessments are shared regularly by your child's teachers

  • Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences: You will meet with your child's teachers twice per year to discuss your child's academic and social progress. 

  • Digital Platforms: Birralee uses Seesaw, a private, personal student-driven digital portfolio that allows parents to see their child’s work and celebrate their progress.

  • Entry and Exit Points: visit the classroom and join us in celebrating your child's progress during your child's Entry and Exit Points. 

Through our social media channels, we endeavour to make the most of every opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning.

Our parents organise many activities to make new parents feel welcome.

There is a strong sense of community among our parents.


We welcome parents to vist the school and their child's classroom.

What parents say


At Birralee, my children have grown up and developed in a nurturing environment that encourages respect for individuals and celebrates diversity.



Exceptionally good teachers and helpful staff, I am incredibly happy with the school, my son feels happy and settled, I would really recommend Birralee International School.


A safe learning environment with a high quality curriculum. 



We’re so glad to have chosen Birralee International School for our daughter. A positive learning atmosphere, we look forward to coming back in the future!

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