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Year 6 - Year 8

We offer a fully international curriculum which meets global standards and prepares students for 21st century challenges and opportunities. 


The IMYC is our International Middle Years Curriculum for children aged 11 - 14 years old. It is used in over 140 schools in over 50 countries worldwide.

It is a challenging, internationally minded and concept-focused curriculum, which helps develop engaged and active learners. With specific subject and personal learning goals, it provides a clear structure to develop knowledge, skills and understanding whilst making subject learning more connected.

Our curriculum was approved by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training, the executive agency for the Ministry of Education and Research, in 2018 and 2020.

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Cambridge International School Trondheim
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Student Teacher


A high student-teacher ratio ensures every student is seen

National Tests Results Year 8

In Norway, National Tests are conducted in Year 5 (reading, numeracy and English), Year 8 (reading, numeracy and English) and Year 9 (reading and numeracy). The tests in reading and numeracy are conducted in Norwegian, which gives our students an extra challenge. 

At Birralee, we use the results of the Norwegian National Tests, together with the results of other (international) tests and exams, as well student feedback and teacher observation, to adjust our teaching and learning strategies to suit the needs of our students. 

Results National Tests Year 8 (2021-2022)

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Newspaper article 16.11.2021

Nidaros Newspaper published an article about Birralee’s results in the Norwegian National Tests. We have translated two small sections here, as well as published a link to the full article.

For the Middle School years, one school clearly stands out. Birralee International School is at the top in Trondheim in reading and numeracy (both in Norwegian) as well as English.

“There are a lot of factors that contribute to these results. We have skilled and dedicated teachers, and parents who are involved and have a strong commitment to their child’s education and wellbeing. We have a positive learning environment in the school and we have high expectations of our students,” says Principal Elin Hitchman.


“The Norwegian Directorate of Education and Research has a requirement that the curriculum of an independent school should be equally as good or better than the Norwegian national curriculum. When we compared the learning goals in our Cambridge curriculum to that of the Norwegian curriculum, we noticed that Cambridge puts slightly higher demands on the students. The level is a little higher,” says Principal Elin Hitchman


Birralee International School Trondheim Helt på toppen av de nasjonale prøvene Elin Hitchm
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Cambridge International School Trondheim
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