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Policies and Handbooks

Please find our school policies available in PDF format below. You can use the link to view in browser or the 'Download' button to download straight to your computer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are always happy to help.


Parent and Student Handbook

This handbook is designed to give you information about our school; the organisation, the learning and practical information.

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School Environment Plan

Birralee works actively, systematically and continuously to ensure that the school environment at Birralee lives up to the meaning of the School name, which means “a safe place for children”. The school adheres to the Norwegian Act of Education which describes the requirements for a good school environment in §9a

Behaviour Policy

We empower our students to be respectful and exercise responsibility towards each other, staff at the school and their surroundings.

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Swimming Policy

We take all reasonable steps to ensure the safety and welfare of all students when
they take part in supervised swimming sessions.

‏Birralee International School - Playgro

Play Policy

We work hard to create and maintain quality environments for children to enjoy play. When playing we want children to make new friends; to develop communication skills; to develop motor skills; to develop problem solving skills, to share and work as a team; to learn about themselves; to learn
about the physical world around them; to take risks and to keep safe.


Traffic Safety Policy

We believe it is essential to have in place good traffic management procedures in order to reduce the risk or
potential risk to the school community as vehicle activities can be very dangerous and need to be properly

Safe School Trip Policy

Birralee is keen to take advantage of the possibilities available in Trondheim and abroad to enhance learning
for students. The school encourages outings and trips to give students first hand experiences.

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Eco School Policy

In 2012, Birralee joined the Eco-Schools programme through Grønn Barneby/Grønt Flagg which provides a
framework to help entrench sustainable principles into the centre of school life.


Homework Policy

In 2017, we conducted a process with students, teachers and parents, with the goal to ensure that Birralee
students have homework which is meaningful, enjoyable and that helps them to make progress in their learning.


Hygiene and Cleaning Policy

We take all reasonably practicable steps to provide and maintain a safe, clean and healthy work environment for students and staff.

Student Council Policy

We want the Student Council to be an effective body that represents all students, takes time to listen to all
students, communicates student's views, feeds back to all students and makes things happen.

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Mini Student Council

Norwegian law requires that students participate in and are actively involved when decisions are being made that
affect their education. Every child has the right to say what they think in all matters affecting them, and to have
their views taken seriously.

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