Teachers & Staff

 At Birralee, we are fortunate enough to have an experienced and dedicated team of talented teaching professionals. 

Our teachers hold qualifications from universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Norway. Having worked in a variety of international settings, our teachers' bring with them a broad experience.

We aim to recruit and retain the very best staff, providing a diverse, open and inclusive environment that allows everyone to grow and flourish. People are the foundation of the School’s success. The quality of teachers and support staff is critical to our future.

Meet our Staff

Mrs Elin J. Hitchman

Mr van der Kaaden

Business Manager

Ms Lewis-Jones

School Development Leader

Ms Alison Myler

Office Administrator

Ms Julie Torsvik

Special Needs Coordinator

Mrs Vanessa Heise

Year 1 Class Teacher

Ms Lia Voges

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Rachel Cramp

Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Paige Clark

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Harriet Emberson

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Heidi Alenga

Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Sturdy

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Kelly Borsick

Year 3 Class Teacher

Ms Hege Solbakken

Year 3 Class Teacher

Mrs Emily Nordmark

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Paul Duevel

Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Nicholas Beavan

Year 5 Class Teacher

Mr Jörg Heise

Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Itziar Castanedo

Year 7 Class Teacher

Mrs Inger Loe

Year 7/8 Class Teacher

Mr Rus Pearson

Year 8 Class Teacher

Mrs Paulette Andersen

Year 9 Class Teacher

Ms Marit Eggen

Year 9/10 Class Teacher

Mr Pedro Santos

Year 10 Class Teacher

Mrs Wågan Rørmark 

Norwegian Teacher

Mr Synne Agersborg

Norwegian Teacher

Mr Almaas

Norwegian Teacher

Ms Anne Utstrand

Primary Teacher

Ms Line Wikan

Art Teacher

Mr Daniel Greenhalgh

English & History Teacher

Ms Miswald

Supply Teacher

Mrs Rhona Hearst

Science & Maths Teacher

Mrs Nygård Pearson Music Teacher

Mrs Bosnes-Askim

Norwegian Teacher

Mrs Murphy

P.E. Teacher

Mrs Margaret Colton
T&L Assistant

Mrs Mahsa Rashidnejad

T&L Assistant

Ms Esther Lusambo
T&L Assistant

Mrs Eleanor Day

T&L Assistant
ASP Coordinator

Mrs Brooke Eriksen

T&L Assistant

Ms Robin Conway
T&L Assistant

Mrs Heidi Garwood

T&L Assistant

Ms Samantha Windsor

T&L Assistant

Ms Erika Olah

T&L Assistant

Ms Silje Olsen

T&L Assistant

Mr Ove Gulteig

IT Technican

Mr James Lane

T&L Assistant

Mrs Susanne Ingram

Primary Teacher (on leave)

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