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ASP (SFO) visited Trøndelag Teater to watch the Knutsen og Ludvigsen Play

Children in ASP (Years 2 to 4) had the opportunity to visit Trøndelag Teater yesterday evening to watch the popular Knutsen og Ludvigsen Play.

The play features two well known and eccentric characters on a musical adventure through the Norwegian countryside. Many of the duo's hits were performed during the interactive performance.

The show is performed in Norwegian, which also provides an excellent opportunity for language learning for non-native speakers.

ASP Framework: Culture

Culture shall be an important component in SFO. SFO shall facilitate children’s

participation in various artistic and cultural activities, such as music, dance,

drama and other creative activities. Cultural activities shall inspire children to

create their own sense of expression and learn how to express themselves in

different ways. This will help preserve the diversity of the group of children.

SFO shall help ensure that children encounter the Sami culture.

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