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Class Teachers 2021-2022

Dear Birralee Families,

Today we welcomed our new teachers during our Planning Day. During the planning day, the teams met to prepare for the 2021/2022 academic year. We are all very excited about the new year and we look forward to welcoming all of our new and current students in August.

Please find the overview of the Class Teachers below:

  • Year 1 - Mrs Heise and Miss Keep

  • Year 2- Miss Utstrand, Mrs Emberson, Mrs Haldenby and Mrs Ingram

  • Year 3 - Mrs Borsick, Miss Solbakken and Ms Voges

  • Year 4 - Mrs Cramp, Miss Jones and Miss Charlson

  • Year 5 - Mrs Nordmark and Mr Bailey

  • Year 6 - Mr Heise and Miss Wikan

  • Year 7 - Ms Di Camillo and Mrs Loe

  • Year 8 - Mr Pearson and Mrs Loe

  • Year p - Mrs Castanedo and Miss Eggen

  • Year 10 - Mr Santos and Miss Eggen

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