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Covid-19 Mass Testing Before School Start in 2022

All students have received a covid-19 self-test on Friday 17th December. This test should be used on the morning of 3rd January 2022 before the student goes to school. We request that the test not be used before that time. If it is used, a new test must be purchased so that it can be taken on the morning of 3rd January 2022.

Please go to this link to see how to take the test: hjemmetest-skole

In the event of a positive test, this must be reported to: minside.trondheim.kommune. no

Parents are asked to notify the school administration in the event of a positive test. The person who has tested positive must take a PCR test and must be isolated at least until the result of the PCR test is clear.

If your child was not at school on Friday, the test can be picked up at school on Thursday 30th December 2021. Please contact us on if you wish to pick up a test from school before school starts in the new year.

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