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Happy Holidays!

Dear Birralee Families,

It has been a wonderful first term with our students. We have all been all the more appreciative of all that we have been able to achieve after two years of Covid restrictions.

We ended the term with so many highlights like the Christmas performances which Years 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 did with such poise,

as well as the IPC Julebord. We are now looking forward to the New Year and all of the exciting things that we have planned, including celebrating our 50th anniversary. I would like to thank our students, their families and the staff for all that they do to make Birralee such an amazing school. I would also like to thank the Parents Committee for their positive contributions this term and for their support since the start of the year.

I wish you a wonderful holiday and a all the very best for 2023!

Festive wishes from,

Mrs Hitchman

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