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Icy Conditions on the Playground

Health and Safety Update - Physcial School Environment

In order to maintain a safe environment, certain parts of the school playground may be closed off on certain days during the winter months. This is done to prevent any accidents or injuries that could occur due to the slippery surfaces. At the moment, both the big hill and the football pitch are considered too icy to use. We have therefore temporarily closed these off.

We understand that this reduces the children's possibility to play and we therefore try to provide alternatives when possible. When our gym facilities are not used for P.E., we will open the gym to provide a safe and indoor alternative for physical activities.

By prioritizing safety and offering alternative options, we aim to ensure that our students can still enjoy their playtime while minimizing any potential risks associated with icy conditions on the playground.

Year 7 playing football in the gym instead of on the footballcourt during their playtime today.

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