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Join the Green Team (After School Club)

The Green Team is an after school club where students work together to make our school and local community more sustainable. The students will take on a wide range of activities and projects based on what they think our school needs and what students are most interested in accomplishing. Waste reduction, recycling, promoting sustainability or health and wellbeing will be areas of focus. All students in Year 3 to Year 10 who are interested in promoting sustainability and awareness of environmental challenges are welcome to join the Green Team Club!

Who: Mrs Castanedo and Years 3 to 10.

When: Fridays, 15:00 – 16:00, starting Friday, 09.09.2022 (10 times).

Fee: 400 NOK per student (including materials used) for the autumn semester (10 weeks.)

Application Deadline: 05.09.2022

Green Team will require a minimum sign up of 20 students in order to take place.

Maximum number of places available: 25.

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