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Let's Celebrate! Exit Point - Year 1.

There was a lovely atmosphere on the first floor this morning when the Year 1 parents visited their children for their Exit Point on Let's Celebrate

Exit Points provide purposeful closure to a learning unit as they give a platform for our students to celebrate and feed forward what they have learnt. During the Exit Point, students have the opportunity to share their knowledge, demonstrate their skills and articulate their understanding to our school community.

During the Exit Point for Let's Celebrate, the students demonstrated that they have learned that celebrations are a hugely important part of human life. As artists, musicians, designers, historians and dancers, they explored ways in which all peoples and cultures, from every part of the world, take part in and hold celebrations to mark special events and special times in people's lives.

Explaining the Theme

In History, they learned about:

  • How people in our families celebrated in the recent past

  • How particular past events are still celebrated

In Design, Technology and Innovation, they learned about:

  • How to plan for a celebration

  • How to design and make a product for a celebration

In Art,  they learned about:

  • How decoration is used in celebrations

  • How the work of artists is used in celebrations

  • How to make artefacts and images that could be used in celebrations

In Music,  they learned about:

  • How songs and music are used in celebrations in our own and other countries

  • How to compose our own music for a celebration

In Physical Education, they learned about:

  • How to create a celebration dance

  • How to improve the performance of our dance

In International, they learned about:

  • What is the same and what is different between the celebrations in the home countries of the different children in our class

  • How to work and celebrate with each other

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