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MOT Visit from Peder Elias

We are excited to welcome back former Birralee student Peder Elias for a mini concert and a Q&A on Monday, October 2. Peder Elias won the prestigious Spellemann Award (Norwegian Grammy) in the category international earlier this year and was also chosen Pop Artist of the Year in South Korea last autumn.

Peder Elias will come back to Birralee in his role of MOT ambassador. MOT is part of our pastoral programme for students in Years 8 to 10. For this particular event, students in Years 7 to 10 will be invited.

About MOT

MOT’s most important social mission is to strengthen youth’s robustness. Robustness prevents crime and protects against potential social problems. MOT’s philosophy is universal and timeless. It consists of three values and four principles.

MOT’s three values:

  • Courage to care

    • Create a good feeling in others

    • Show respect

    • Show love

    • Care for the outsiders

  • Courage to live

    • Be yourself

    • Lead yourself

    • Be passionate

    • Accept to not always be great

  • Courage to say no

    • Prioritise

    • Stand up for your values

    • Dare to speak out

    • Practice tough love

MOT’s four principles:

  • Work proactively

    • Build a culture

    • Be prepared

    • Communicate clearly and sincerely

  • Give culture-builders responsibility

    • Include others

    • Be a good role model

    • Be there for others

  • Reinforce the positive

    • Be innovative

    • Plant positive expectations

    • Look for the best in people and situations

  • See the whole person

    • Show background understanding

    • Be curious instead of judgmental

    • Be generous

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