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Possible Bus Strike in Trondheim

Dear Parents/Guardians,

As you may have read, it is possible that bus drivers in the bigger Trondheim Area will soon be taken out on strike. More information about this will most likely be available on Sunday via

Despite the current uncertainty, we believe it is important to inform you of the possibility now so that you can start thinking about alternative ways of getting your child/children to school (walking, cycling, carpooling with classmates etc.)

Alternative drop off points If you are planning to deliver your children by car, then please note that the current traffic situation around Birralee is already busy in the morning. We therefore encourage parents to think about alternative drop off points from where their children could safely go to school. This will also avoid you from being stuck in traffic after the drop-off.

Late to school?

We understand that it might be a challenge for some students to be at school on time during a bus strike. If you know, your child is going to be late one morning, then please let us know in the morning via email:

Attendance confirmation

As per our normal routine, if your child is absent from school without a known reason, you will automatically be contacted by the school office at 09:00 to ensure your child is accounted for.

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