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Q&A Saturday with Mr Greenhalgh

In this series our students ask questions to Birralee Community Members. The questions and answers are published every Saturday morning on

For the first Q&A, our Year 9 students came up with 25 questions for Mr Greenhalgh.

Profession: English and Social Studies Teacher

Employed at Birralee since: 2014

Originally from: Isle of Wight, Great Britain.

What is your favourite lesson to teach?

I enjoy teaching about the Cold War during Year 10 history.

What is your favourite class to teach? We don’t have favourites!

Which class is hardest to teach? The noisy one at the end of the day.

Were you a good student at school? I was a good student. I took pride in completing the tasks and getting ahead of other people in the class.

What was your favourite subject at school?


What’s the best memory you have from going to school yourself? Playing in the Isle of Wight schools basketball final. We won in the dying seconds.

What was your most embarrassing moment at school? When I was about ten, I liked a girl in my class. I gave her a card and a box of chocolates for Valentine’s day. She wouldn’t accept them, so I ate them.

What is the worst grade you got on a test? I can’t remember the worst grade, but my predicted grade for D&T was an F. I was insulted so I worked hard and got a C on the exam.

Did you ever win any trophies when you were at school? I won quite a few school trophies in different sports such as football, basketball and cricket. One of my best events was cross-country running.

If you were the President of the World, what law would you introduce? Free university education for all.

Are you trendy?

Not really, no.

Which Friends character are you? Chandler

What’s your Harry Potter House?

Let’s say Hufflepuff as nobody ever wants to be in that house.

What would you be, if you hadn’t become a teacher? A politician.

Is it true that you only started playing football when you were an adult? No. I have always played football. I was the goalkeeper for my university.

Which historical event would you like to have witnessed? Dunkirk

Which historical person would you have liked to meet? Ernest Hemingway

Is Birralee the best school in Norway? It has the best students, so it must be good.

Have you ever met someone famous? Plenty. Gwen Stefani (I didn’t know who she was), Stefi Graf (I still hold a grudge against her because she gave my friend a tennis ball and not me), Matoma (I’m friends with his brother).

Have you ever been on TV? No, but I have been on the radio and in the newspaper a few times.

I’m going to Starbucks. What will I order for you? Chai Tea Latte

McDonalds or Burger King? Burger King

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Rhodes

What makes you mad?

Everton letting in goals just before full-time.

Mr Greenhalgh leading a Middle School a MOT Team Building Activity in 2019.

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