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Q&A Saturday with Ms Eggen

In this series our students ask questions to Birralee Community Members. The questions and answers are published every Saturday morning on

For the this week's Q&A, our Year 9 students came up with 30 questions for MS Eggen.

Full name: Marit Eggen

Profession: Norwegian Teacher

Employed at Birralee since: 2016

Originally from: Norway

What is your favourite lesson to teach?

Dialects and language variations in Norway!

What is your favourite class to teach? It varies from week to week, but it's usually the class that tells me the most cat puns, or make the best cat drawings.

Why is it so cool to teach Norwegian? Who knows! Norwegian teachers are basically rock stars

What is the best part of your job?

All of my brilliant students of course! ❤

Which class is hardest to teach? Any class during the last two lessons on a Friday.

What do you like to do in your spare time? I read as much as I can, rehearse with my orchestra and, to make sure I live up to my crazy cat lady name, I hang out with my cats!

Which instruments do you play?

I play the flute and the saxophone

What’s your favourite music album? Åj! That's a difficult one. Must be The Golden Age of Grotesque by Marilyn Manson. I first heard this album when I went through my goth phase in Middle School and I guess it just stuck with me.

What song do you play when you tidy your house? Yakety Sax. It perfectly describes the hilariousness of me tidying.

Which book should every student read? Anything from Edgar Allen Poe, H.P Lovecraft or Neil Gaiman because everyone needs some horror in their lives.

Which historical event would you like to have witnessed? I would want to join Ivar Aasen on his adventure of collecting dialects from villages in Norway to construct Nynorsk

If you were the president of the world, what law would you introduce? Stricter penalties for animal cruelty

Which Friends character are you? Phoebe

What’s your Harry Potter House? The test I took said Ravenclaw, but I think I would have more fun in Hufflepuff.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? I'm an always tired ostrich.

Are you an early adopter or a late-adopter?

A late adopter. I am still using a ZEN mp3 player when I listen to music... Were you a good student at school? I was a decent student What was your favourite subject at school?

Music was my favourite subject What’s your best memory you have from going to school yourself? The Y10 trip to Bjorli What is the worst grade you got on a test? I got a 2 (F) on a geography test once where we had to place Norwegian cities on a map… Don't let me travel alone in Norway because I will get lost. What would you be, if you hadn’t become a teacher? I would own and run a dog and cat kennel

Is Birralee the best school in Trondheim? JA! Why did you want to work at Birralee?

The international aspect certainly drew me towards Birralee. It was a chance to do something different and I absolutely don’t regret it.

What’s it like to work at Birralee?

It is a fantastic place to work. Not only do I enjoy teaching all the classes I have, but my colleagues are incredibly supportive and caring. No amount of free cats could make me quit this place.

Have you ever met someone famous? I got to pet the Supreme Champion winner at a cat show. Does that count?

Have you ever been on TV? Yes, I was a helper on Alle Mot 1 on NRK1

I’m going to the bakery. What will I order for you? Everything that is made with chocolate

What’s your favourite holiday destination? Cyprus!

What makes you mad? People being on their phone when I talk to them.

Which countries have you visited?

Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, England, Gran Canaria, Germany and Ireland

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