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Earth as an Island - Exit Point Year 5

Year 5 finished their unit Earth as an Island with an Exit Point today.

During the Exit Point, they presented their work, as well as food from different islands around the world, to their parents, grandparents, siblings and fellow-students.

The students worked hard to prepare for their Exit Point and did an amazing job!

Unit Summary

What impact have humans had on the world’s islands? We have been learning about how islands, often once isolated places, have become increasingly part of the global community. How has this changed their culture, geographical features and ecosystems? As we went island hopping, we needed to be geographers, designers and artists who are internationally minded and globally competent.

Explaining the Theme

In Art, we learned about:

  • Different techniques to represent islands artistically

  • How artists get inspiration from the shape of the land

  • Printing techniques.

We learned about different techniques to represent islands artistically, as well as different printing techniques.

In Geography, we learned about:

  • Geographical terms to name and describe features of islands

  • How island cities have developed over time 

  • How changes on earth are causing issues for island communities

  • How development of islands is causing issues for island communities

  • Challenges when relocating island populations

  • How maps are organised

  • The climates on different islands and how this impacts life there.

We learned how maps are organised.

In International, we learned about:

  • The Sustainable Development Goals

  • How our daily actions contribute to global issues

  • How plastic in the ocean causes problems on islands

  • How we can advocate for positive change.

We learned about what kind of problems plastic in the ocean causes to island and how we advocate for postive change.

In Music, we learned about:

  • The features of different genres of island music

  • What makes each island's music unique?

In Physical Education, we learned about:

  • Creating dance routines to move to island music

  • Orienteering and physical navigation challenges.

In Design, Technology and Innovation, we learned about:

  • The main food groups and healthy eating

  • Designing a menu based on island cuisine

  • Staying safe while preparing and cooking food

The students researched food from different islands, then found recipes and created the dishes in the school kitchen.

Exit Points provide a great opportunity for Community Building.

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