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Q&A Saturday Q&A with our Norwegian Teacher, Ms Wågan Rørmark

In this series our students ask questions to Birralee Community Members. The questions and answers are published every Saturday morning on

For the this week's Q&A, our students came up with questions for Ms Wågan Rørmark.

Short Bio

Full name: Julie Wågan Rørmark Job: Norwegian Teacher

Originally from: Sømna (North of Norway)

Joined Birralee in: August 2020

Why did you want to become a teacher?

I wanted to work with children.

Why did you want to work at Birralee?

I thought the international aspect was very interesting - and it is :)

What is the best part of your job?

All the students ❤

What is your favourite class to teach?

They are all my favourites!

Which class is hardest to teach?

The noisy ones at the end of the day.

Which is your favourite school that you have taught at?


Which book should every student read?

They should read the books that they enjoy reading!

Who is your favourite Norwegian author and why?

Håkon Øvreås - he writes entertaining and interesting stories for children.

Which historical event would you like to be part of? I would like to join Asbjørnsen og Moe on their journeys to collect Norwegian fairy tales and legends.

Which historical person would you have liked to meet?

The two persons in the question above.

If you were the president of the world, what law would you introduce?

Equal rights for everybody!

What was your favourite subject at school?


What’s your best memory you have from going to school yourself?

Going to Poland in 10th grade and learning about the second world war was a really good learning experience. What was your most embarrassing moment at school?

There are too many to choose from!

What would you be, if you hadn’t worked in a school?

Hm.. Then I would have liked to be a professional handball player. Is Birralee the best school in Trondheim? Yes, it is! Have you ever met someone famous?

I have met some handball players that play for the Norwegian National Team. Kind of cool, right? Have you ever been on TV?

No, but I have been in my local newspaper a few times.

What food do you like?

Food is my favourite food!

What is your favourite ice cream?

Oh, that's a no brainer - Chocolate

What songs do you like?

I listen to a lot of different songs. Right now I am listening a lot to songs from a program on TV2 called “Hver gang vi møtes”.

Are your lunches delicious?

My lunches are quite ordinary and very “typisk norsk”; often bread with cheese, but yes, I like my lunches :) What was the first movie you saw in the cinema?

I can not remember the first movie I saw in the cinema (it's a long time ago).

Do you have a pet or an animal at home?

No, but I would like to have a dog. Hunder er menneskets beste venn!

Do you have a favourite country that you have lived in?

That has to be Norway (I have only lived here).

Which football team (besides Rosenborg!) do you support?

Liverpool - YNWA!!

Do you play any instruments?

When I was younger I played the piano and the drums, but right now I do not play any instruments.

What’s your favourite album?

I enjoy listening to different types of music.

What song do you play when you tidy your house?

It has to be something that I can dance and sing to. It makes the cleaning and tidying so much more fun!

What countries have you lived in?

I have only lived in Norway.

Do you have a favourite place that you have visited?

Visiting Iceland was an incredible experience, especially to see the big and beautiful waterfalls!

How many countries have you been to? (list them all!!)

12: Norway, Greece, Sweden, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Italia, Spania, Thailand, Bulgaria, Turkey and Iceland

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