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The Minister of Education visits Birralee

We had the pleasure of welcoming Norway's Minister of Education, Tonje Brenna, to Birralee this morning. The Minister visited several classrooms. The students were very excited to have the opportunity to meet her and to share their knowledge with her.

Year 7 students explored and discussed different molymod models of molecules.

On the left, Per Olav Skurdal Hopsø, who is running for County Mayor here in Trøndelag. In the middle, Tonje Brenna, Minister of Education in Noway. On the right, Sara Shafighi, a member of Trondheim City Council.

The Minister visited Year 5 during their English lesson where they were writing sci-fi stories using descriptive language.

In Year 9, the Minister joined a Computer Science lesson where the students were exploring the binary system.

"Now work in pairs to solve these problems!"

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