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Black Gold? (Exit Point Year 5)

Year 5 welcomed their parents to their Exit Point on Black Gold yesterday. The students were excited to share their new found knowledge and skills with their parents.

It was also lovely to welcome parents back to the school again now that most Covid-19 restricitions have been lifted.

Unit Summary

Oil is essential to our daily lives. It gives us many thousands of different products, most of which we have all come to rely on. But what might happen when the oil runs out?

Explaining the Theme

In Geography, we found out:

  • About energy and what we use it for

  • Where oil is found

  • How oil is formed

  • Why oil is so important

  • About oil spills and how they are cleaned up

  • About the environmental impact of oil spills and oil use

In Science, we found out:

  • How we extract different products from crude oil

  • About how oil spills affect birds and other wildlife

  • How we can investigate and identify different rock samples

  • How oil is formed and trapped underground

In International, we found out:

  • About alternative energy sources and sustainable projects around the world

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