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Champions for Change (Exit Point Year 4)

There is election fever at Birralee today!

The Year 4 students have formed political parties and have collaborated together to develop manifestos and political posters. The political parties have written speeches and elected a party leader, who has recorded an election speech.

Today, the speeches will be shared with their fellow students at Birralee and all students and staff are asked to cast their vote.

Unit Summary: Champions for Change

One day, you should have the right to vote – to decide who will lead your country. What will you do with your vote? Which party or leader would you choose? What issues would get your attention? Politics is about taking an active role and interest in the future, to improve our lives and those of others.

Explaining the Theme

In Society, we’ll be finding out:

  • About the system of government in our home and host country

  • About different types of government around the world

  • How to canvas opinion on what people think about the school/local area

  • What makes a good leader

  • How to write a successful political speech

In History, we’ll be finding out:

  • About the origins of democracy

  • How and why empires have been established

  • About a historical campaign or revolution for change

In Technology, we’ll be finding out:

  • How to create our own party logos and campaign posters

In International, we’ll be finding out:

  • About global issues that should concern governments around the world

Illegal postering on school premises

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