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Election Fever at Birralee

There is election fever at Birralee today!

The Year 4 students have formed political parties and have collaborated together to develop manifestos and political posters. The political parties have written speeches and elected a party leader.

Today, the party leaders held their speech in front of parents and fellow students. Later today, students and staff are asked to cast their vote on one of the newly formed political parties.


Ready to convince the voters!

Unit Summary

We will be learning about politics and how through voting and the democratic process we can enact change in the world and make a difference to improve our lives and the lives of others. We will need to think with an international perspective as we become historians and designers. What will you do with your vote? Which party or leader would you choose? What issues would get your attention? How could you change things for the better?

Explaining the Theme

In International, we’ll be learning about:

  • Rules, goals and rewards

  • Different government systems from around the world

  • The voting age in different countries and why they are different

  • Developing and writing a party manifesto

  • Sustainable Development Goals 17 and international organisations.

In History, we’ll be learning about:

  • The birth of democracy in the Athenian system

  • The women’s suffrage movement throughout the world

  • What happened throughout history when people were unhappy with their leaders.

In Design Technology and Innovation, we’ll be learning about:

  • Creating and evaluating our own party logos and posters to share a clear message.

In ICT and Computing, we’ll be learning about:

  • The permanence of information published on the internet

  • The consequences of irresponsible posting.

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