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Exit Point Year 4: Existing. Endangered. Extinct?

Year 4 welcomed parents and grandparents to their Exit Point for the unit Existing. Endangered. Extinct? today.

From tiny tadpoles to giant squid, living things exist in an amazing variety of forms. Why is there so much variety and how do scientists sort, identify and classify the millions of species living today?

In Science, they found out:

  • How and why living things are classified

  • How a vertebrate and an invertebrate are different

  • How to classify local plants and animals

  • About the effects of food chains in our locality

  • About friendly and unfriendly micro-organisms

  • How fungi are different from plants and animals

  • Why composting is good for the environment

In Technology, they found out:

  • How to make our own compost bin

In International, they found out:

  • How the international community can protect endangered species

  • Why biodiversity is important for the well-being of the planet

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