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First Assembly after Covid-19

We are so happy that we can have Assemblies again! It is fantastic to gather big parts of the school in the same room to share and celebrate their learning.

In this week’s assembly, Year 5 challenged Principal Hitchman to play guitar in front of the whole assembly. The only problem was that Mrs Hitchman doesn’t know how to play guitar.

However, she displayed many of IPC’s Personal Learning Goals by giving it a try!

The students taught her the name of the strings and Mrs Hitchman was able to play her very first chord (C).

The IPC Personal Goals underpin those individual qualities and learning dispositions that we believe children will find essential throughout the first half of the 21st Century. There are eight IPC Personal Goals:

· Enquiry

· Resilience

· Morality

· Communication

· Thoughtfulness

· Cooperation

· Respect

· Adaptability

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1 Comment

John Lysfjord
John Lysfjord
Oct 29, 2021

Well done Mrs Hitchman! 😁

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