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First Session of After School Debating Club

Mr Woolley welcomed the students to our first After School Debating Club yesterday.

After school debating clubs provide a fantastic platform for students to hone their critical thinking, public speaking and argumentative skills. The first session of the club yesterday set the tone for an exciting journey ahead.

Mr Woolley introduced the students to the rules of debating, basic techniques of constructing arguments, and how to effectively communicate their ideas.

After this, the students divided into teams and prepared their arguments on today's topic: Does Social Media Do More Harm Than Good?

The affirmative and the opposing team went head to head.

A very heated debate! (staged photo... :) )

The purpose of the after school debating club is to offer a supportive environment where students can learn from each other, build confidence in articulating their thoughts, and develop teamwork skills. After school clubs are also a great way to connect with students from different classes.

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