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Happy Easter!

Now that the Easter Break is upon us, I want to look back at the outstanding achievements of our students thus far this academic year. I think that you will also be truly amazed by their creativity and dedication.

Our students have already achieved so much this year, both academically and socially. They take every opportunity which is presented to them with enthusiasm. In recent weeks, our students have recently showcased their talents in the Pi Competition and Master Chef Competition. The Talent Show is next on the list after Easter.  If you would like to see more of our students’ creativity, I would recommend following the Birralee Art Department Account on Instagram:

As we move forward, we are excited to continue supporting our students in their learning and personal growth. We have many exciting events and opportunities planned for the remaining months of the school year and have also started planning ahead for next school year.

We have recently completed our Main Admission and student numbers for next year are healthy.  The announced reduced funding for free schools is still a concern. We are still working with other International Schools in Norway, as well as with other free schools, to make our voice heard in an attempt to mitigate the proposed changes.

Together with the Parent Representatives through the Parents’ Committee we have been discussing the importance of a flourishing and supportive community. We are beginning to plan different opportunities for this year and next year.

Below your will find some of the many highlights from the last few weeks at Birralee.

Year 5 are currently working on the unit Earth As An Island.

Unit Summary: What impact have humans had on the world’s islands? They are learning about how islands, often once isolated places, have become increasingly part of the global community. How has this changed their culture, geographical features and ecosystems? As they go island hopping, they will need to be geographers, designers and artists who are internationally minded and globally competent. On this picture they are busy creating their own islands.

Year 2 visited a farm as part of their unit What's on the Menu?

In What's on the Menu, we are learning about the vital role of food in sustaining human life, as well as its importance in history and culture throughout the world. As scientists and nutritionists, the students will be studying the different types and amounts of food our bodies need so that we can plan healthier diets and enjoy healthier lives.

We are very proud of all the amazing writing in Year 1. The progress the children have made in just a few months is simply phenomenal!

Year 4 collected over 35 kilos of batteries in the annual battery hunt Batterijakten 2024.

Well done, Year 4!

Years 6 to10 had their annual Ski Day on Friday, although at times it felt more like forest day featuring a bit of ice. Still, everyone had a good time!

Thank you to all our parents who came out for Year 4’s Exit Point Champions for Change last week. We are so proud of what our students have achieved and their confidence when presenting to their parents, teachers and peers.

Now, all that remains is for me to wish you all a happy Easter and rejuvenating break!

Best wishes,

Mrs Elin J Hitchman


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