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Happy International Carrot Day!

We are celebrating International Carrot Day today!

The carrot is grown and eaten in large parts of the world. It is also the vegetable that we eat the most of in Norway.

As a school, we are dedicated to promoting healthy eating habits amongst our students. We believe that it is important that we do our part to try and reverse the trend of the increased consumption of (ultra)processed foods.  

The children in ASP were therefore involved in making and handing out freshly made carrot smoothies this morning. In the afternoon, ASP students in Year 3 and 4 made a lovely carrot soup from scratch.

07:45 AM: Prep work for the carrot smoothies

Freshly made smoothies in ASP Morning Club

Our ASP Carrot Factory. Ready to make some carrot soup!

Chopping onions. Not an easy task.

Sauteing the onions to bring some extra flavour to our homemade soup.

Something magical happens when you prepare you own food: you eat more of it!

ASP Year 3 invited the ASP Year 2 students to their "Carrot Cafe" to try their soup. They loved it!

ASP Framework: An emphasis is placed on ensuring that food served at ASP promotes a healthy diet based on the Norwegian Directorate of Health’s dietary advice, as well as sustainable eating habits. Making food together in ASP can teach children how to make simple and healthy meals, and work with others to create a pleasant mealtime environment.

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