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New Books added to the Library

Reading is a prerequisite for being a lifelong learner. At Birralee, we have always emphasized the importance of reading and we invest time, energy and money in keeping our library and reading schemes up to date.


Several times per year, our librarian Mrs Garwood, asks the students for input on new books they would like to see added to the school library.


Although the vast majority of our library books are in English, we also have a big selection of Norwegian books. We have now added another 70 new Norwegian books to the library.


Which one would you like to borrow first?



The importance of reading. Reading…  


  1. Improves vocabulary (in both English and Norwegian!)

  2. Develops critical thinking skills

  3. Improves memory

  4. Improves analytical skills

  5. Broadens horizons

  6. Enhances creativity

  7. Develops empathy

  8. Improves writing skills

  9. Improves concentration

  10. Exercises the brain



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