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Staff Changes

Staff Departing

The last term of any school year brings the inevitable staff changes. Each person listed below has made a positive contribution to the educational journey of our students. We thank those staff leaving us for their service and wish them all the best in a new chapter in their lives.

Mrs Sturdy - Year 3 Class Teacher

Ms Miswald - Supply Teacher

Mr Duevel - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Beavan - Year 5 Class Teacher and Subject Teacher

Mrs Clark - Year 2 Class Teacher

Mr Lane - Learning Assistant

Ms Lusambo - ASP Assistant

Staff on Leave during the next School Year

We look forward to welcoming these staff members back to Birralee in August 2022.

Mrs Nygaard-Pearson - Music Teacher (NTNU)

Mr Almaas - Norwegian Teacher (Charlottenlund High School Teacher)

Mrs Bosnes-Askim - Norwegian Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Torsvik - Special Needs Coordinator (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Alenga - Year 2 Class Teacher (Maternity Leave)

Mrs Hearst - Subject Teacher (Maternity Leave)

New Staff commencing in August

At the start of the new school year in August, we look forward to welcoming new staff throughout the School.

Miss Keep Year - 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Haldenby - Year 2 Class Teacher

Miss Charlson - Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Jones - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mr Bailey - Year 5 Class Teacher

Ms Di Camillo - Year 7 Class Teacher and IMYC/IGCSE Mathematics Teacher

Mrs Holen - IMYC/IGCSE Spanish Teacher

Mr Volden - Special Needs Coordinator

Mr McPherson IMYC/IGCSE Design & Technology Teacher

Miss Engesbak - Special Needs and Early Intervention Teacher

Miss Skogan Bonesrønning - IPC Music Teacher

Miss Mesner - Learning Assistant

Miss Spittle - Year 1 Learning Assistant

Miss Kristin Gjersvold- Norwegian Teacher

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