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Traffic Safety

We were happy to welcome all students to a new school year this week.

We understand that some families need to use a car to come to school. Some students have a long way to school and others are being delivered by their parents on their way to work.

We also have many children who come by bus, bike, scooter or by foot. Some run, some come whizzing by on their scooters and bikes.

As many children come at nearly the same time, the traffic situation outside the school can be busy in the mornings. It is therefore important that we all show consideration and patience when driving near the school.

Respect signage around the school We kindly ask parents to respect the signage around school and to not park in front of the main gate. We need to be able to open this gate at all times to let emergency vehicles enter the playground if needed. Traffic lights at Prinsen Kino We like to remind students and parents to always double check that cars are actually stopping for the red light in time. Do not start running as soon as you see the green man!

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