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What's on the Menu? Check out Year 2's Restaurant

Food is essential. It gives us energy for life – but how much do we know about how food is produced and prepared? How is it packaged and how far does it travel before reaching our plates? What about food waste? What food is healthy for us and for our planet?

The children in Year 2 investigated this during the last few weeks. On Friday, they invited their parents in for their Exit Point to show them how much they had learned. The students had established their own restaurant where they served their parents a nice meal they had prepared for them.

In Geography, we learned about:

  • Geographical features in the local area

  • Foods that are produced by farms locally

  • The journey of the food from the farm to the fork

  • Food miles and the advantages and disadvantages of local and imported food.

In International, we learned about:

  • The issue of food waste

  • Single use food packaging.

In Health and Wellness, we learned about:

  • Health risks from fast food.

In Science, we learned about:

  • Nutrients needed for a balanced healthy diet

  • Decomposers in nature

  • How food changes over time.

In Design, technology and innovation, we learned about:

  • Presenting food in appealing ways

  • Sustainable fast-food packaging

  • Making a tasty and appealing dish.

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