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COVID-19 Update (Week 3)

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Dear Birralee Families,

Since this weekend, it has become the local county’s (kommune’s) responsibility to decide which level of infection control primary and lower secondary schools in Norway are on. For now, Trondheim Kommune has decided that schools in Trondheim will continue on Amber level until at least 23rd January.

As you may have read in the local newspaper, some schools in Trondheim have been severely hit by Covid-19 this autumn. Until now, we have not experienced any large outbreaks in a single class at Birralee. We do, however, steadily receive reports of positive cases. At the moment, approximately 20% of our student population have gone through a Covid-19 infection since the summer.

When should your child stay at home?

If your child has any newly arisen respiratory symptoms, then please follow the information on this flowchart from the Norwegian Health Authorities to decide whether your child can come to school or not:

When parents or siblings test positive

Students should stay at home and not come to school for at least 7 days when someone in their household (mum, dad, sibling) tests positive. Students who have already tested positive for Covid-19 during the last 3 months (with a PCR test) can come to school as long as they test negative every day. Please consult Trondheim Kommune’s Covid-19 Hotline (90 50 90 52) for information on when the child can return to school in your specific case.

When your child is exposed to the Covid-19 at school

If a student or employee tests positive, we will inform the class(es) that the student/employee has been in contact with, by email and SMS. Students and staff are then asked to test on day 3 and day 5 after their last contact. Students and staff can continue to come to school as long as they test negative and have no symptoms.

When can students return to school after a Covid-19 infection?

The latest information is available on However, as this information is subject to change, we always recommend that parents check with their child’s GP or Trondheim Kommune’s Covid-19 Hotline (90 50 90 52). They can give advice that is specific to your child’s situation. Key elements they take into consideration are:

  • when did your child last have symptoms?

  • when did your child test positive?

Thank you

We would like to thank all Birralee families for being supportive and for their commitment to follow the guidelines set by the Norwegian Health Authorities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Trondheim Kommune’s Covid Hotline at 90 50 90 52.

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