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Entrepreneurship (Exit Point Year 8)

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Year 8 had their Exit Point on Entrepreneurship today. They invited their parents into their classroom to show them what they had learned during this unit. In the spirit of the unit, they also managed several shops where they sold their own art for charity.

Entrepreneurship - The Big Idea

The ability to make money through the development of products and situations appropriate to different markets requires the application of certain skills.

Entrepreneurship - The Big Picture

Art - In this unit, students will explore the link between money and art, creating ways of transforming their artwork into profitable items. In teams, students will research a range of products made by designers and craftspeople, drawing inspiration and guidance on ways in which they can turn their talents into more than just a hobby.

Science - Science has become a means through which companies have been able to improve the methods through which they make their products. These improvements allow them to save money and increase their profits as a result. As scientists discover new materials, they attempt to find ways in which these discoveries could benefit societies and individuals – usually, by inventing new products, or changing the way that existing products are made. The process of turning a scientific discovery into a useful product that can be marketed and sold is known as entrepreneurship and is evident in many of the products you use today, from kitchenware and shaving products through to plumbing systems and even the jewellery that you wear. Science has changed how these products are made and has improved how we extract these metals from the ground. These changes have made it cheaper to create the products we use, leading to greater profits for companies and more affordable goods for consumers.

Geography - As the world continues to develop, we are inevitably faced with problems. These problems impact people in different ways across the world. At times the solutions to these problems are not overly complicated but require a deeper understanding of why and how they came to be. Throughout the unit, students will explore the relationship between the problems and the role the Sustainable Development Goals have in trying to reduce them. Students will develop the ability to think creatively in a bid to design a product in line with the aims of the Sustainable Development Goals to help reduce the impact of a chosen problem.

History - Wherever we are in the world today, we can see the impact, both positive and negative, of industrialisation. Entrepreneurial individuals, with ideas for increasing profits by improving efficiency in production processes, industrialised the world and changed the shape of everyday life for the world’s population. Towns and cities developed and centred around new opportunities for more entrepreneurs: people with ideas for making money. New industries and industrial practices changed the way that people live, work and travel. As historians, we can identify the entrepreneurs who changed their world and analyse the skills they applied to make their money.

ICT & Computing - This unit identifies the key characteristics of an entrepreneur and examines how many of these characteristics apply to entrepreneurs who have been successful in the field of ICT.

The development and popularity of mobile technology over the past decades have brought with it extensive opportunities for entrepreneurs to make money out of related products. In recent years, this growth has been heavily focused on mobile apps, with some apps attracting a huge following – and, as it would seem to an outsider, making their developers rich overnight, all from a simple idea.

Music - This unit will look at how people can make money through music. It will start by looking at the skills students need to develop if they would like to work in music-related industries. The students will then focus on practical composition skills that can be translated into entrepreneurial activities, such as composing and/or performing music for TV shows, adverts, movies or copyright licensing and creating a short TikTok style music video.

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