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Full Power for the Exit Point on Energy in Year 5

Year 5 presented their findings on different types of energy and energy conservation as part of their Exit Point on "Full Power". The unit was part of the MOST project which is a European wide research project in which Birralee has been a partner for two years.

Unit Summary: Full Power

Electricity is one of the most important discoveries ever made and we have learnt how to use it to power almost every aspect of our lives. But who discovered electricity and how does it work?

As scientists, we will investigate how electricity flows in different circuits, different materials that make good electrical conductors and insulators, explore new inventions that use renewable energy to generate electricity and how to be safe around electricity. As historians, we will find out the significant contributions of different scientists in the history of electricity. As designers and innovators, we will harness the power of electricity to create games.

Explaining the Theme

In Science, we were learning about:

  • Components that make an electrical circuit

  • How electricity is stored and used

  • Different kinds of circuits

  • Electrical conductors, semi-conductors and insulators

  • Renewable and non-renewable sources of energy for generating electricity.

In Design, Technology and Innovation, we were learning about:

  • Making games from circuits

  • Combining circuits to make a dashboard toy.

In History, we were learning about:

  • The history of electricity.

In International, we were learning about:

  • Electricity and climate change.

In Health & Wellbeing, we were learning about:

  • Risks and staying safe when using or near electricity

  • How devices can disrupt our quality of life.

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