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Thank You!

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

We give a big THANK YOU to Mrs Jones, Miss Wikan and Miss Wågan Rørmark who will all be leaving us this Christmas. The contribution that they have made to the development of our students and of our school has been outstanding.

Mrs Jones joined Birralee in 2007. Mrs Jones worked as our Vice Principal until she went on leave to start her PhD in Educational Leadership at NTNU in 2019. During her time at Birralee, Mrs Jones contributed greatly to the school's development and success through her expertise and dedication.

Mrs Jones will continue at NTNU as an Associate Professor and as the Director of Master's in Educational Leadership and Leader of the National School Leaders' Education Programme. As a research partner of NTNU, we look forward to continuing to work with Mrs Jones in her new role.

We would also like to thank Miss Wikan and Miss Wågan who are both moving from Trondheim. Miss Wikan is relocating to Oslo where she will take up employment at Oslo Bymuseum. Miss Wågan is moving back to her hometown to continue her career in teaching.

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